Project of study

Having made the draft of a new metaphysics in 1992 for University’s fourth year, defining a theory of knowledge which, taking distances from Kant’s definitions of form and matter, sees possible identity in the unit of both, being those just schemes of understanding in analysis based on forms of space and time, I finish by defining reason in terms of symbolic logic inside of the refusal of the f thus v = v and permitting v thus v = v (consequence) only inside of the the aristotelian theory of essences.

Very soon after, the problem appears of how altered metaphysical patterns orders reality differently and thus, not only the question remains on how these will affect other fields of science but also how it may be possible to establish links between the one and the other, as most of the intellectual world determined by refused statements as principles of definition.

Three tasks appear:

a) the exploration of consequences in other fields of science (giving birth to studies on physics – on light -, psychology – on the structures of understanding as bases of explanation of mental disturbance as schizophrenia and psychopathia -, theory of language, theory of religion, theory of right, etc.)

b) the attempt of linking two different metaphysical worlds one to another

c) the integration of new data into the older general pattern of thought

The most reliable path to make this attempt seems to be given by aleatory logic and flow of information, two terms that are made up in order to group phenomena that have not been studied until now.

Aleatory logic defines thus the logic of the accident, thing that is only possible inside of a theory of essences, as if what links an essence to another could actually be determined inside of a logic allowing the rational explanation of the accident.

The flow of information studies the movement of information and how it affects different socio political contexts, thing that was first studied as psychic phenomenon (1994-2003) and whose nature is tried to be given a clear image through internet.

Logically, phenomena that are ‘impossible’ to think inside of a classical metaphysical frame appear, justifying not only the new one, but also giving a neat picture on how the way we think does not only alter our behaviour but does also affect reality in how we interact with it.

Different pages, different stories, different contexts, allow the building up of a mass of information, constantly in interaction with reality, and resulting in the following

a) an article on frauds and scams by Regio Bank and Imperial Trust, accompanied by whole lots of comments and witnesses and proves, leads to the declaration of bankruptcy of Imperial Trus early 2008

b) an aleatory restoration of image of Ines de la Fressange in the dealing with a judicial affair, leads to a front page in Elle in 2008 and to a medal handed over by the French Republic

c) an interaction with a man called Howard OLeary leads to researches allowing to maintain the reasonability of his claim to the fatherhood of Athina Onassis

Results appearing aleatorily as the logic used, they are partly not ordered and need of a larger metaphysical frame to have a theoretical backing, that could not be made before hand as results not given

Other subjects are dealt with as they appear in the purpose to fix the perspective through the new acquired angle

Process in the evolution of thought are given through the description of former events, as the subjective perspective can only be deternined by a subjective evolution and it is impossible to formalize aleatory logic or even the flow of information objectively.

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