Sonja Kasten

Sonja Kasten

 Sonja Kasten (2005)

Born in Madrid November 19th 1965, of German father (Arne Kasten von Speth Schülzburg) and Spanish mother (Marina Checa y Molina).

4 brothers and sisters: Karen (1964), Arne (1967), Ana (1968), Jorge (1969)


Joaquina Molina de Checa, Marina Checa y Molina, Elisabeth von Speth Schülzburg (1963)


With sister Karen (left) 1975

Visits the German School in Madrid. Abitur of 1987.

Among the ten best in 4 disciplines (athletics): high jump, long jump, weight, 1500m (14-15 years, cadets)

Main role in Plautus ‘The twins’ in Latin (1981)

Wins a poem competition having in the jury poet José Hierro (1986)

Travels to Mexico in 1981. Travels to Colombia and then to Chile in 1983-84.

Adaptation to 20’s, direction and main role of Sophocles ‘Antigone’ (1987)

Passes the written examination for Oxford University (Philosophy and German), but not the oral examinations (1987)

Proficiency of English (Cambridge) of 1987.

Teacher in German, Spanish and English at Berlitz, Marne La Vallee, France (1987/8)

BA in Philosophy at Sorbonne, Paris IV, Paris (1992)

Goes walking from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela (1989)

Goes walking from Paris to Jerusalem (1992/93)

Stay as volonteer at Lape Hospital (Istanbul) (1993/94)

Image manager and international relationship manager for Xristos Kakarantzas, Kormista, Greece (1995/2003)

with Xristos Kakarantzas (right) 2001

Publishes articles in the newspaper Serraikon Tharos in Serres, Greece, on sociopolitical subjects

walking down to Sina (third from left in blue) 1995

Goes walking from Ramses to Jerusalem (1995)

With tzarakatzan Iota Tzelepi (right) in Efkarpia, Serres (Greece) 1999

Travels to Skopje and Serbia (1996)

Travels to Pakistan (1997-98)


in red

Writes theatre plays ‘Filioque, la guerre en Serbie’, ‘La danse d’Isaias’ and ‘La femme d’Urie’ in French (2000/1)


Travels to Israel (2003)

Internet project ‘Ideabstracta’ in Angers, France (2003/4)

English teacher at Berlitz in Madrid (2004)

Publishes ‘Malgré tout’ in ‘Le Manuscrit’ (France) in 2004

Fifth year (of five) in French at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Madrid (2004)

Third year (of five) in Greek at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Madrid (2004)

Free translator and free journalist as ‘autonomous’ in Spain (2004/5)

Publishes a collection of Spanish poems and in French written theatre play ‘Filioque’ in  

Teacher in Spanish, German and French at the German School Humboldt and Alliance Francaise in Guayaquil, Ecuador (2005/6)

Free webpage maker and writer  in WordPress in Cuenca, Ecuador (2006/8)

Professional: 7,605 visits 12,832 visits

others in


The hooligan’s unofficial Ines de la Fressange fan site 13.631 visits

Prince Vladimir’s Roger Vivier site 14,065 visits

Former robios and double2up, becomes the project ‘Firework in Amaretto’ 21.625 visits

On different subjects 20,560 visits

(stand 28.08.2008) 

and other

in Spanish:

in German:


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3 Responses to Sonja Kasten

  1. Heather, Scotland says:

    Was curious when I saw your name and wondered if your father Arne Kasten was the same person as my boss in the Briam Institute in Madrid in the late 1980s? I enjoyed many an interesting and thought provoking conversation with him during my time there. He was a fascinating gentleman. He was very kind and always gave freely of his time and advice. Just curious, I guess, as they were very happy times I have never forgotten.
    Heather, Scotland

  2. Robert says:

    Yes, Arne Kasten is a great guy. I remember him from about 1971-72. Friendly, intelligent, helpful, well-considered by all. Ciao

  3. Consulado Gen. del Ecuador en Suecia says:

    Estimada Sonia Kasten,

    Un amigo de usted y de su familia se puso en contacto con nosotros y está tratando de localizarla. Agradeceríamos si usted se puede comunicarse con nosotros lo antes posible.

    Muy atentamente,
    Cathy Bjork
    Secretaria del Cónsul General

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