Creation Process

To understand something correctly it is certainly not of need to follow the exact order of creation of something, although this perspective may certainly be interesting from a certain number of points of view.The Spiderbook started in March 2006 with “Manual of a soldier”, whose first theoretical part (with which it would be categorized under ‘psychology’, but it is difficult to do if this section full of schemes and little anagrams is missing) can’t be published on WordPress, but was already finished at that time. Follow “Las Arenas de Eldorado” created between April and July 2006. The German stories are though older, April to December 2005, and are inserted in the Spiderbook after some particular thought. Spanish poems are all from 2006, mainly the September, October period and become more vivid thanks to encounter with poet Catalina Sojos.All these blogs have one common characteristic: they present a deep symbolic language, dive in time with extremely old constructions inserted in contemporary contexts, play with adventure, spies, catastrophes and general disorder. There main subjects are related to the army (somehow ‘Manual of a soldier’) and to justice (somehow ‘Las Arenas de Eldorado’), but enter into the fields of love (always) and even of religion and history (’las dos en las islas Canarias’).The phantasmagoric ambience thus generated is supposed to reflect the language of the unconscious, the territories of myth conquering our functional world. Not surprisingly ‘Clearing up refracted lines’ does more rationally try to get the theory out of this material. Clearly appears thus a realm of soul (the first) and a realm of understanding (the last). the relationship between both is though difficult to establish.Appears thus ’sonjakasten1′. ‘Myself’ takes a subjective point of view in order to determine the relationship between both and starts a deep introspection (October 2006). Branches though develop themselves: ‘My American game’ goes over to ‘Angel’s wishes’ and ‘The miracle’. An attentive reader and an intelligent psychologist will clearly detect two illnesses and the possible way of healing first in ‘My American game’ and then in ‘The miracle’: the first can generally be said ‘psychopathy’, the second ‘passive psychopathy’ or more commonly a type of intelligent schizophrenia’.In fact, the reason to develop these sites was terribly egotistical and subjective: I was myself hit by some kind of horrible disorder in the functioning of the structuring of reality in 2003, what I called ‘the two Israeli mistakes’. At that time, I already know that the only way to heal that is some kind of outer representation of psychic mechanisms that were in use probably already for thousands of years, and whose slow disappearance does heavily overcharge those still using them. Consequently, only a clear representation of the same may allow to transmit the knowledge and thus discharge those. (Which was my problem.)Considered from a perspective that should take into consideration the real logic of things, you may detect the psychic type (the fake, or copier, usually a woman) that does ‘govern’ on psychopaths and has them under her command. People like Betty Catroux are people who have logical mechanisms that do block these kind of interaction, so that it is correctly landed where it should, at the end. That ‘the miracle’ does go along with ‘angel’s wishes’ is not an accident. Another psychopath hunter type (my mother) does create ‘false’ love in order to avoid those to commit a crime or more. This type is thus the one who (without my mother or Betty Catroux) gets into the American game mood and sees structures of understanding explode in ref ‘interference or side steps’. At the origin of this type of psychopathy is a wrong definition as given at the very beginning.Perhaps my overcharge was due partly to the horrible effort taken on me to clear up the mechanisms having lead to the ‘

Tower attack’. This attack was made exactly based on this psychic mechanism in interaction and is not fundamentally Muslim but … obviously French. Which is to say that the source of generation of possible aggression to the
US is an ill cloud of people in French society, French can’t master properly. Aggressing the Muslim world does not help any further, was my fundamental thought, and to eliminate possible origins of aggression wrongly located.But it is not all that serious. Thought of originally as ‘image’ for the representation of deeper psychic movements, it is possible also to … have fun with it. Not last of my considerations was the hilarious discussion with
Sask on the equality of sexes. As she said that both were equal, I said she was homosexual then. To her greatest surprise. Explaining though that homo means the same in Greek, both being same, you don’t love but the same, and thus you are a homosexual heterosexual, I said, laughing. Thus, I had to explain her after, that love was certainly psychically determined in poles, and consequently, sometimes, homosexual more heterosexual than heterosexual. But, would she ever understand? The trick in ‘angel’s wishes’ should be exactly that. The structures are both male and female, until you … should forget what the body says and concentrate yourself on … the psychic impression, dear!


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